⚠️Provably Fair

Transparent gambling experience

On the networks that support it, we utilize Chainlink VRF to guarantee that every spin and deal is truly fair and random, providing you with a trustworthy and transparent gambling experience. A VRF is a Random Number Generator (RNG) that provides random outcomes which are verifiable on-chain. With a VRF, FerdyFlip is able to provide users provably fair outcomes that are impossible to have been tampered with. More information on how a VRF like Chainlink VRF works can be found here.

On networks that Chainlink doesn't yet support, we have built our own in-house randomness provider. The server awaits a request for a random number and fulfills it with a 256-bit integer. This integer is computed off-chain to avoid cheating the system.

Code for the randomness server is public and can be found on our Github.

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