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The Ferdy Flip team prides itself on our ability to deliver. Generally speaking, we don’t like to tie ourselves down to a specific roadmap, we just build what we like, when we like.

But we do have a variety of things on our minds. The following is a list, in no particular order, of the things we’re looking at doing.

We do not commit to doing everything or even anything on this list, and we do not commit to any specific timeframe to launch them.

✅ = Completed

$Ferdy token

Having our revenue share tied to a set of 300 NFTs has been quite limiting for our product, so we plan to shift it to a token to expand our options. This will replace the current illiquid market for the NFTs with a much more natural way to buy/sell a stake in the casino revenue.

The FerdyFlip team will continue to be funded by profits from the casino by staking our share of the tokens.

We’re looking into other ideas about how to make the Ferdy NFTs dynamic post (value) transfer.

An upcoming announcement will provide comprehensive details about $FERDY tokenomics, NFT value transfer, airdrops, and additional aspects.

$FERDY is NOT deployed yet. Consider all $FERDY coins a scam.

Chain Expansion

We’ll be expanding to more EVM chains, including ✅ Base, Mantle, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Additionally, we’re looking into expanding to non-EVM chains, including Movement, Aptos, and Sui.


Why not roll our own chain? Avalanche makes it easy to spin up a chain with custom parameters. We would like to build a subnet that provides instant validator-generated RNG via a precompile for optimal gambling experience.

Multiplayer / PVP

We’d like to add more games where you play with other people. Simple games like ZK Rock/Paper/Scissor to start, but eventually things like Poker as well.

More single-player games

We have ideas for more games. Some games will be available on all chains, others will only be available on ‘low latency’ chains such as Arbitrum.

  • Slots

  • Lottery

  • Wheel

  • Blackjack

  • Baccarat

  • Mines

  • Crash

  • Video Poker

  • Towers

  • HiLo

More token betting options

Until now we’ve just supported betting in the native token for each chain. Once $FERDY launches, we’ll be adding support for arbitrary ERC-20 tokens, $FERDY to start, but USDC and potentially more tokens via partnerships.

Faster RNG fulfillment

We’ve observed that it takes on average 8 seconds for randomness to be provided by Chainlink, and we expect a similar delay on other chains we want to expand to.

Base has no Chainlink, so we were forced to deploy our own in-house RNG provider, and we fulfill requests within 2 seconds.

We expect that our own RNG will be faster on all chains, including AVAX, so we’d like to provide users with the OPTION to use the faster RNG, even for chains that have native Chainlink support.

Using the faster RNG will result in a better experience, but requires more trust in the Ferdy team’s fairness than Chainlink does. We’ve published our fulfillment server and contract for review, if you care to examine it.


We’re going to have a line of stamp NFTs that you can collect, automatically minted to your account as you interact with the casino. You’ll be able to view your stamps on the site and they’ll modify your gaming experience and FerdyBox presentation.

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